Sport, Recreation and Cemetery Committee Meetings 2018

Date of Meeting  Agendas Minutes
06.02.18   Agenda    Minutes
20.02.18   Extraordinary Meeting    Agenda   Minutes


  Agenda    Minutes
12.06.18   Agenda   Minutes
07.08.18   Agenda   Minutes
11.09.18 Extraordinary Meeting    Agenda   Minutes
02.10.18    Agenda   Minutes
06.11.18  Extraordinary Meeting   Agenda   Minutes


Archived  Sport, Recreation and Cemetery Meetings


The Sport, Recreation and Cemetery Committee is responsible for:

Recreation grounds owned or managed by the council:

  • Goldsmiths
  • Wolfe
  • Alderbrook
  • Jarvis Brook
  • Limekiln
  • Silver Jubilee
  • Adams Close
  • M.O.D.

 Amenity areas including:

  • Chapel Green
  • Canada Green
  • War Memorial
  • Clokes Corner
  • Whitehill Centre

The Herne Road cemetery, chapel and garden of remembrance.

Allotment sites at Herne Road, Owlsbury and Pilmer Road.

Fees and leases/agreements for users of council land and property. 

Committee Members: