The Town Council has six permanent ground staff and up to six seasonal ground staff.

In addition, we have a part-time Ranger and part-time Environment Warden. 

Groundstaff 210415 001.JPG

This team is responsible for looking after the Council's land which includes:  


All the sport and recreational grounds: Adam Field, AlderbrookGoldsmiths, Jarvis Brook, Lime Kiln, MOD PitchSilver Jubilee and Wolfe.

All the nature reserves: Bluebell Wood, Country Park and The Ghyll.

All the allotment sites: Herne Road, Owlsbury and Pilmer Road.

The Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance at Herne Road

They look after the memorial garden at Canada Green (by All Saints Church) and also keep Chapel Green looking smart all year round with seasonal planting.

Year round planting is also done throughout the town with additional hanging baskets in the spring and summer to brighten up the thoroughfare.