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pdf 10k Race 2015 Popular

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pdf After-school cafe Popular

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pdf All Saints 10.10.15 Popular

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pdf Bike Ride 18.4.15 Popular

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pdf blood donation July Popular

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pdf Blood Poster 10.6.15 Popular

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pdf Booklovers 2015 Popular

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pdf Bowls 25.4.2015 Popular

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pdf Brain 2015 Popular

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pdf Brain 25.2.2015 Popular

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pdf Bus Rally & Model Railway Exhibition Popular

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pdf cab 8.9.15 Popular

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Do you run a local group, organisation, charity or business? Would you be interested in having a stall at our Christmas Fair?

Bookings are NOW OPEN for this ever-popular event which will take place on Friday 23rd November, 4-6pm in the town centre. This event, which sees stalls line the town centre, marks the start of the Christmas season and culminates in the switching-on of the town's Christmas lights. It is a must-do for many local residents! To book a stall, for a booking form or just for information, please contact Amanda on: (01892) 652907 or committee.clerk 

Christmas Fair stalls.jpg


Unregistered Rights of Way - Can You Help?

Do you know of any unregistered rights of way (footpaths, 'cut-throughs', alleys or bridleways) in or around Crowborough? Following the introduction of The Deregulation Act 2015 there is now a cut-off date by which all such paths must be registered, or face being lost. In particular, this concerns any rights of way that existed pre-1949 and are therefore not on any council maps, or any more recent cut-throughs or 'muddy paths'.

Unregistered rights of way.JPG

If you know of any such unregistered rights of way that you believe should be registered, please contact the Town Hall on (01892) 652907 or , providing the location and any other details you may have. Thank you for your help!