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pdf 2015-16 Annual Return Popular

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pdf Annual Report 2017 Popular

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Annual Report 2017.pdf

pdf Annual Return 15-16 Popular

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pdf Annual Return 16-17 Popular

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pdf Annual return 2011 Popular

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ANNUAL RETURN 31.03.2011.pdf

pdf Annual return 2012 Popular

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pdf Annual return 2013 Popular

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pdf Annual Return 2014 Popular

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pdf Annual Return 2014-15 Popular

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pdf Annual Return 31st March 2017 Popular

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annual accounts 31st march 2017.pdf

pdf Annual Return Notice 31.3.17 Popular

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pdf Budget 2013 2014 Popular

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Budgets 2013-2014 website.pdf

pdf Budget 2014-15 Popular

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Budget 2014-15 Website.pdf

pdf Budget 2015-16 Popular

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budget summary 2015-16_0001.pdf

pdf Expenditure exceeding £500 April-Jun 2017 Popular

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expenditure exceeding 500 1718 1-3.pdf

pdf Expenditure over £500 months 7-9 2016-17 Popular

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Expenditure over £500 - 2016_17 months 7 to 9.pdf

pdf Financial Regulations Reviewed 01.04.17 Popular

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New Finance Regs for adoption from 1 April 2017.pdf

pdf Grant Policy and Application Form Popular

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Grant Policy and Application Form- adopted 3.07.12.pdf

pdf Members Allowances paid 2013-14 Popular

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Members allowances paid 2013-14 notice.pdf

pdf Wealden Parish Remuneration 2015-16 Popular

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2015-16 Panel Recommendation notice.pdf




Town Conference

 25th April

Boundary Walk

6th May

Sussex Day

16th June

Summer Fair

7th July


 5th November

WW1 Tribute Beacon Lighting

 11th November

Christmas Fair

 23rd November

Civic Carol Service

 5th December


We look forward to seeing you there!



2018 Newsletter

Issue 1

The first issue of this year's newsletter is now available to read here. In this issue: 

  • Introducing the Community Warden
  • New outdoor fitness equipment
  • 2018 Events
  • New Pocket Park 

Newsletter 2018 - issue 1.JPG