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Folder Neighbourhood Plan


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Why not come along and join us on Saturday 7th July, 1-5pm at Goldsmiths Recreation Ground for the annual Crowborough Summer Fair?
Entry to the event is FREE, as are the many rides and attractions. There will also be a large number of stalls, hot food providers and the ever popular beer tent. 
2018 will see some fabulous FREE entertainment including Above & Beyond (the UK's most experienced and longest established aerial act), The Dog & Duck Show and Mighty Smith - one of the Worlds Strongest Men.

summer fair poster 18.JPG



2018 Newsletter

Issue 2

The second issue of this year's newsletter is now available to read here. In this Town Conference issue you can read reports from all of the following Town Council committees: 

  • Communication & Events
  • Environment
  • Finance & General Purposes
  • Planning & Development
  • Sport, Recreation & Cemetery

Newsletter 18 - Issue 2.JPG

Plus - a special 'Message from the Mayor'!