The Bluebell Wood is approximately two acres of mature woodland located in the centre of Crowborough.

Visitors will see a spectacle of native bluebells Hyacinthoides non-scripta if they visit the site during their flowering season in April/May.
The site is flat and makes a pleasant short walk having a 1km circular path running around the site. Much of the woodland canopy is composed of mature oak and there is a variety of others smaller trees, shrubs and flora.


The Site’s History

The site is owned by Wealden District Council’s Housing assets department but is currently managed by Crowborough Town Council’s part-time Ranger Daniel Colborne with the help of volunteers from Crowborough Conservation.

Work began in 2009 with management of trees and invasive species and control of bramble/path clearance. A number of benches were installed in 2010 for use by the many people who escape to the site from neighbouring flats or for peace and quiet during their lunch breaks.

The 2006 ecological survey highlighted the features of most ecological value as:

• Mature trees, especially those with ivy-clad trunks, dead branches, crevices and flaps of loose bark, which can provide roost sites for bats
• Fallen and standing deadwood, which is valuable for a range of wildlife
• Typical woodland wildflowers such as bluebell, pignut and wild daffodil
• Potentially good bird-nesting habitat in trees and shrubs
• A range of plant species rich in nectar and pollen that can provide food for invertebrates (such as butterflies and bees) and small mammals