CROWBOROUGH CONSERVATION (formerly known as the Friends of Crowborough Country Park Local Nature Reserve)  is a voluntary conservation group set up to protect wildlife and greenspace in and around Crowborough. Its aims are to identify and protect important natural habitats, to undertake conservation tasks and to provide conservation advice to the public, landowners and local authorities.


 The history of Crowborough Conservation

The Friends of Crowborough Country Park was formed in 2008 by a group of town councillors. Having initiated the new group their intention was to encourage members of the public to become involved and to eventually take over responsibility for the group.

In the beginning the Friends group was specific to one site; the former claypits off Osborne Road, now known as Crowborough Country Park. During this time, the group saw the site being designated as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) by the Town Council. Membership of the Friends group grew steadily throughout 2008/9 and gradually it became apparent that there was a need to encompass other important greenspaces in and around Crowborough. One such site was The Ghyll.

Crowborough Conservation believes that we are fortunate to have so much wildlife living in our town and one of the aims of the group is to make people aware of the remaining green spaces in Crowborough, and the wildlife they support, so that it can be  enjoyed for generations to come.

If you are interested in Crowborough Conservation, further details are available on their website, or by telephoning Pat Arnold on 01892 611414. Alternatively, please click here to download a Crowborough Conservation membership form.