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Twin Towns

Crowborough’s Twin Towns

A town twinning link is a friendship agreement involving co-operation between two communities, endorsed by both local authorities.


The towns of Crowborough and Montargis are twinned through war time connections between Colonel Maurice Buckmaster of the SOE and his counterpart in France, Monsieur Jean Laurent.

Montargis, a much larger town than Crowborough, is about seventy miles south of Paris and with its many canals and waterways, is known as The Venice of Gatinais.

A picture of Montargis, France

The twinning charter was signed on 22 May 1966.

A twinning association between the towns was set up, encouraging Crowborough residents to make annual visits to Montargis, and hosting families from the town in return. The visitors would then stay with families here in Crowborough.

Some sports clubs also took part in exchange trips and there were close connections with The Royal British Legion.

Sadly the association is no longer running but the goodwill between the town remains, and many long term friendships will undoubtably continue.

The twinning arrangement, as set out in the charter still remains and the link between the two councils continues.


Horwich is a vibrant town of approximately 20,000 people situated five miles north west of Bolton.

A picture of HorwichOn 22nd March 1990 the towns of Crowborough and Horwich made history by becoming the first towns in this country to be twinned.

At a signing ceremony in Crowborough on Wednesday 10th March 2015 Cllr Ron Reed, Town Mayor of Crowborough, and Cllr Richard Silvester, Town Mayor of Horwich, pledged to continue the special relationship between the two towns by signing a 25th anniversary charter. Cllr Silvester was presented with a painting by Crowborough artist, David Peacock.

The Carnival Society of each town try to have annual exchanges and Crowborough is always delighted to receive our twinned visitors and also very grateful for the warm and welcoming reception received when visiting Horwich.

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