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Grants and Awards

Crowborough Town Council welcomes and values the work of local voluntary groups and organisations. The Council has a policy for making grants to groups and organisations which contribute to the welfare of the community by improving or supporting activities and/or facilities. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a clear need for financial support. Deadlines for submission are included in the Grant Awarding Policy document.

Grant Awarding Policy

Grant Application Form

Current Year Community Grants

Please click on the following link to view the list of grants awarded in the current financial year:

Community Grants 2023-2024

Details of previous years awarded grants are available below.


Previous Years Community Grants

Please click on any of the links below to see what grants were awarded in each of the financial years:

Community Grants 2022-23

Community Grants 2021-2022

Community Grants 2020-2021

Covid Grants 2020-2021

Community Grants 2019-2020

Community Grants 2018-2019

Community Grants 2017-2018


Other Grant Opportunities

In addition to grants from Crowborough Town Council, your group or organisation may be interested in applying for grants from Wealden District Council and East Sussex County Council. You can find their contact details below:


Wealden Community Grants Programme  for Community Groups or Voluntary Oganisations.

Contact the Partnerships and Funding Support Officer

Tel: 01323 443520


Provides business grants and loans plus grants for community groups. It can also undertake a funding search for East Sussex-based organisations and quality check your funding application.

Contact the External Funding Officer

Tel: 01273 336616


The Crowborough Civic Award

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The Crowborough Town Council Civic Award scheme is designed to recognise and celebrate members of the community who have made their mark on Crowborough. This could be someone who has worked selflessly for others in our community or someone who has bought credit to our town.

Categories of award

There are 6 categories of award:

  1. YOUNG CITIZEN – a young person under 21 who has made a significant contribution to the residents of Crowborough, achieving success and/or overcome personal difficulties.
  2. CITIZEN – A resident who lives or works in Crowborough who has made a significant contribution (social or environmental) to the residents of Crowborough, above and beyond the call of duty, or achieved local business success, or has overcome personal difficulties.
  3. SPORTS & CULTURE – A person who has excelled at sport, the arts & culture, or entertainment, which has bought credit to them and / or Crowborough.
  4. MAYOR’S AWARD – This award would be given to anyone for a specific single action of bravery or courage or someone who has overcome exceptional difficulties.
  5. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT – A person who has gone the extra mile in the course of their paid duties or voluntary work and has provided exceptional service and lifelong dedication.
  6. VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION – A body or charity that has consistently given an outstanding service for the well-being of the community or the benefit of the Town’s residents.

Nomination process

Members of the public or Councillors can nominate a person or group for a Civic Award and all nominations are considered by the Communication & Events Committee.

There are no deadlines for receiving nominations, and no limit to the number of Awards that can be granted.

To make a nomination, contact Crowborough Town Council in writing, stating which category the nomination is for and why that person or group is nominated to receive a Civic Award.

Send your nominations to:

Crowborough Civic Awards, Crowborough Town Council, Council Offices, Pine Grove, Crowborough,TN6 1DH

Or email:                    

Recipients of the Civic Award

Civic Award Board


Mrs Margaret Kitchin

Mrs Gwen Knight


Miss Joan Marriott

Mrs Pat Martin

Miss Elizabeth Stevens

Mrs Hilda Whitehurst


Mrs Enid Ellison

E W Ellison Esq OBE

Miss Helen Grundy

Dr Duncan Watney


Mrs E M Vidler

Sidney Jarvis Esq


Mrs Erica South

John ‘Skipper’ King


Mrs Heather Hockin


Mrs Doris Cox

Denis Emery


Peter Boorman

Mrs Iris Fletcher

Mrs Margaret Saunders

J A ‘Bert’ Stronell


Roy Simmonds


Mrs Pam Holt

Mrs Gwen Rich

Peter Perrett


Pauline Lavington

Shirley Beesley

Eileen Vernon


Miss Kirsty Collison

Mrs Helen Blake


Mrs Janet Somers

Mrs Joan Brookbank

The Crowborough Lions

Crowborough Bonfire & Carnival Society


Tony Slack


Suzi Mitchell

Leah Clark


Brighter Crowborough

David Collumbell


1st Crowborough Scouts

Freda Robinson


Sheila Barnard


John Coleman


Sewing Cro-bees

Recipients of the Commemorative Award


The Queen’s Regiment

M Jean Laurent

H E The Honourable Donald S Macdonald P C High Commissioner for Canada

The Marquis of Abergavenny


Dr Wm B Adam

W B Elphick Esq

Major J T Williams

Michael Adams Esq

Rev’d D Jenkins


I R W Mein Esq


B E A Newbury Esq


David T Harris Esq – Town Clerk ( Long Service 1973-2000)